Indy songwriter, jazz singer and guitarist Daniel (D.A.) Young presents seventeen new, original songs; a mix of swing jazz, blues and pop, in a 90-minute show. The subject is romance, in its wishful beginnings, and its wistful endings.

A veteran vocalist in Central Indiana studios and clubs over three decades, D.A.’s dynamic and emotive singing delivers the ironic humor and high drama in his artfully-crafted lyrics.

D.A. produced two episodes of “The DREAM*BOAT Variety Show” in a Mass Ave venue, YATS, in 2012, with jazz standards, original songs, performance poetry with illustrated page slides, a guest poet and guest musicians. He also performed seven “D.A. Sings FRANK & TONY” dinner cabaret programs with pianist Sean Baker at Chef Joseph’s at the Connoisseur Room, downtown Indy.

The new show is a straightforward singer-songwriter concert for an intimate, cabaret-style listening room. A two-to-three hour program, including jazz standards, is also available.

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