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Book Cover Art Daniel Andrew Young's
illustrated poetry memoir, DREAMER'S DESTINATION, and its sequel, LIGHT'S ARRIVAL, offer a procession of poetic and visual images from four decades of the artistís life. The semi-fictional, introspective poems hold stories of love and loss, war and peace, reminiscence and redemption.

Personal truth and imagination weave together a dream landscape. Surprise characters emerge, who speak in their own voices. Romance is punctuated by melodrama; mystery leads to a revelation. In the final chapter, a mystical light arises. As it speaks its lines, reader is advised to take the Entertainerís Caveat (the first poem in Book One) to heart.

BOOK ONE of TWO, designed as a 72-page, 6"X9" Trade Book in PDF format, designed for both electronic and printed book form. Book Two, LIGHT'S ARRIVAL, is graphic poetry in full-color panels,
in full-screen slide layouts.
FREE PDF copies available for review (Large Files):
Dreamer's Destination 2015 edition (8MB)

Light's Arrival NEW 2016 Edition, wide page - 16x9 aspect ratio (6MB)

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